Combi-WR Combilift

4000 lb
Fuel type
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The Combi-WR is the first reach stacker specifically designed for pedestrians. Capable of operating in an aisle of only 2.1 m and with a lifting capacity of 4000 lb, its ergonomics make handling safer. Able to be operated with the operator positioned next to the equipment, this improves visibility while greatly reducing the risk of incidents.
Specifications :
Load back rest


Independent fork positioner included as standard

3.1/3.1’’ travel

Maximize your storage space

Operate in narrow aisles of 6.9'

Performances :
High load stability

Prevents damage to raw materials as you move

Ideal for handling long oversized loads

Steel, aluminum, wood, oversized building products, etc.

Capable of being operated with the operator placed next to the equipment

Improves visibility, minimizes the risk of incidents

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