2000H Inspection

2000 hours or annually

After 2000 hours or one year of operation, whichever comes first, the most complete and extensive maintenance should be performed. Following the manufacturer's recommendations, this inspection involves changing all forklift fluids and filters, adjustments to ensure operation is within specifications, and many other measures to ensure equipment longevity and operator safety.

CNESST certification for forklifts

The CNESST requires, by law, an annual safety inspection and certification of all material handling equipment. This inspection involves following the guidelines detailed in a 28-page document that is updated frequently. We perform this certification at the same time as our 2000-hour inspection.

On-the-road technicians

At your location or ours

Inspections, maintenance, and certain repairs can be performed on site by our on-the-road technicians.

Need parts?

For all your OEM or aftermarket parts needs, in-store pick-up or express delivery is available.

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Inspection 2000 Heures
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