Used forklifts

Reconditioned forklifts

Coming from our rental fleet, or from known and reliable sources, the used or reconditioned products available below have all been evaluated by our team. All products will be delivered and certified according to the manufacturer's standards as well as those of the CNESST, with a safety certification valid for one year after the date of purchase. With all this work done before these units are available for purchase, you can rest assured of the condition of your equipment and the safety of your operators.

In addition to used equipment, we also offer the possibility to have forklifts reconditioned or the possibility to purchase already reconditioned equipment. These refurbished products come primarily from our in-house rental fleet and are maintained with the manufacturer's standards as a guide. It is with confidence that we can guarantee that these products can be used in a safe and reliable manner thanks to our follow-up.

In the case where equipment is purchased from an outside source, the source of the equipment will be from a known and trusted company with the condition that the forklift has been well maintained and undamaged during its operation and will have the least number of hours of use possible.

Reconditioning process

Any reconditioning begins with a complete inspection and evaluation of the equipment. This complete evaluation includes the testing of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and hydraulic systems as well as an evaluation of the accessories available to the operators depending on the forklift. Following this inspection, the repair or complete replacement of the most worn components is completed. It is also at this time that we will make modifications, if necessary, as well as install new accessories, such as a camera system, if desired.

The purchase of a new battery and a new charger for electrically powered products are included in this replacement of worn components. It is therefore with confidence that we offer a warranty on all our reconditioned products.

Finally, we offer the possibility to have the forklift painted in its original colors or those of your company. A complete cleaning of the forklift will be done inside and outside and then a pre-sale inspection, identical to the inspections we do for our new equipment, will be completed. This inspection includes a test run, a verification that the forklift's performance meets the manufacturer's standards and several other evaluations. A safety certification valid for a full year will be issued for all forklifts following delivery.