Your questions have answers!

Will I be able to purchase the forklift I am currently leasing after the lease expires?

If you like the forklift you are leasing and would like to purchase it after the lease period, it will be possible to do so. Simply contact our sales team and let them know your intentions.

Can you provide us with a rental unit while our forklift is being repaired?

If the services to be performed will require an extended period, equipment can be provided so that your operations are not interrupted. The equipment provided to you will be subject to a rental fee and will depend on the inventory we have on hand at the time of the request.

What is the minimum rental period?

We offer weekly, monthly and yearly rentals. If you begin renting and require additional time, please contact us as soon as possible for us to extend the agreement.

Do you ship forklift parts?

To minimize downtime, we offer direct shipment from our suppliers, shipment from the inventory we have on hand, as well as in-store pickup.

For which brands can you sell parts?

We sell parts for all brands of forklifts, both our own brands and other brands such as Toyota, Crown, Raymond, Hyster, Yale, etc.

Do you sell OEM forklift parts?

Yes, we sell both aftermarket and OEM forklift parts. Our choice of supplier is often based on availability of parts to reduce downtime, but also on cost and client preference.

Do you perform safety inspections? Do you certify equipment to meet CNESST standards?

Yes, we can inspect and certify your equipment. We pride ourselves on exceeding the CNESST certification requirements by following the regulations set by the WSIB in Ontario, a province with more regulations to follow.

Why must a gas test be performed every year?

Each year, an emissions test must be performed on LPG and diesel equipment to ensure that the equipment meets the emissions standards established by the federal and provincial governments. This test also allows our technicians to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. Once the test is completed, certification will be provided by our team. If the equipment fails the test, measures will be taken to ensure that the equipment complies with the regulations.

What is a 2000h inspection and why is it important?

After 2000 hours, the most comprehensive and extensive maintenance must be performed. All forklift fluids and filters will be changed, adjustments will be made to ensure operation is within the manufacturer's specifications, and many other measures will be taken to ensure the longevity of the equipment and the safety of the operators. If you use your equipment less than 2000 hours per year, that inspection and maintenance work must still be completed for the equipment to be certified by the CNESST.

Do you repair forklifts for brands you don't sell?

Yes, we can service, repair, and certify all brands of forklifts, including our brands, as well as Yale, Crown, Raymond, Hyster, Yale, Toyota, and many other brands!

Do you offer warehouse planning services?

When we work with clients who are interested in Aisle Master and Combilift forklifts, warehouse planning and optimization is part of the purchasing process. Since these products offer unique gains in storage capacity due to their design and material handling features, maximizing storage space by redesigning and optimizing your warehouse is included in the equipment purchase process.

Do you sell used forklifts as is?

No, every used forklift that we sell has been inspected to the same standards as a new unit. Our used products are often mechanically reconditioned and come with a limited warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase.