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New forklifts


Combilift products are a great solution for your operations; they allow you to perform originally complicated material handling tasks with greater ease, in a safe and stable way. Combilift products require less space to maneuver and will help maximize your storage space.


BYD products are designed to be robust, ergonomic, and environmentally friendly. They are designed for companies that want to increase productivity. Their iron-phosphate battery allows forklifts to be used 21 hours a day, without having to change the battery. Fully sealed, this battery also promises maintenance and energy savings while enhancing operator safety.

Aisle Master

Aisle Master products have been designed to maximize storage space. Thanks to their articulated mast, they can be used in very narrow aisles and help maximize the profitability of operations.


The complete line of Maximal forklifts offers professional and precise equipment for an unparallel material handling experience and an excellent price-quality ratio.


Liftstar electric pallet trucks and stackers are three times more efficient than manual products and twice as efficient as semi-electric machines. This efficiency helps reduce labor while improving material handling efficiency.


Perfect for warehouse material handling and for delivery personnel using trucks with tailgates, Noblelift products feature safe and durable design and construction.


MasterMover electric tugs are used to move wheeled loads safely and efficiently, while offering exceptional maneuverability and reliability.

Used Forklifts

Most used forklifts that are for sale come from our own rental fleet. All retired forklifts are removed from rental service when they have less than 10,000 hours of service.