4400 lb 
Fuel type
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The PMW20 is available for anyone who needs a heavy duty pallet truck. Designed and manufactured entirely by BYD, including battery and controller, the PMW20 includes a LIFETIME MAINTENANCE-FREE BATTERY with ultra-fast charging.
Specifications :
Iron-phosphate battery

24V, maintenance-free, eco-responsible

Ultra-fast charging

In a standard power outlet

Fork dimensions

27” X 48” or 21” X 48”

Very sturdy frame

Constructed of steel

Great stability

Weighs 1100 lb

Performances :
Offers the best ROI in the industry
Designed from scratch by BYD

Design, battery and controller

Fork lifting system

Works like a forklift mast

High precision electric power steering
Ergonomic tiller arm

180° swivel

BYD warranty, the best in the industry

8 year or 20,000 hour 100% battery warranty,

2-year powertrain warranty, 1 year warranty on everything

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