4400 - 6600 lb
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The Aisle Master product range is intended for companies that operate in next generation warehouses (very high 60') or for those wishing to increase their storage capacity by 25% to 30% in the same warehouse without moving or expanding.
Specifications :
Large choice of masts

Triplex and Quadruplex up to 50’ at the forks

Popular options

Complete closed cabin with heating, hydraulic forks (Double Reach), blue lights for pedestrian protection, monitor and camera installed at the height of the forks

Fork positionner included as standard
Gains in storage capacity

The Aisle-Master can increase your storage capacity by 25% to 30% without moving.

Warehouse design service

The warehouse design and optimizations are included in the purchase price of any Aisle-Master. Turnkey options also available

Narrow aisles

AM-4400 lb operates in a 79" aisle (pallet to pallet)

Unique design

Articulating mast that offers great visibility.

Versatile solution

Indoor, freezer, and outdoor operation to load or unload a trailer.

Available with standing operator

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