Maximal forklifts for sale

Maximal forklifts

The products offered by Maximal Forklifts stand out for their unique approach to all-terrain material handling. Equipped with a safer cab, featuring an entirely floating protection system and a high resistance glass roof, Maximal products combine a new type of more durable transmission with an integrated suspension that greatly improves control in worksites that require all-terrain equipment. With the muffler and forklift motor protected by a steel guard, Maximal forklifts are available with a variety of options to mitigate potential damage. Maximal also offers a line of traditional electric products for indoor use.

To optimize operator comfort, Maximal forklifts include a new dashboard with a 3.5" LCD monitor to display various information, a safer cab with a fully floating protection system and profiled steel inserts that surround the cab, and a high resistance glass roof. For a more spacious cab, Maximal products are equipped with a new, smaller, 8° adjustable steering wheel for easier driving and steering with less effort. With a new engine vibration absorber combined with a new transmission with integrated suspension, Maximal significantly improves the forklift's vibration and noise levels. In addition, the muffler and engine are protected by a steel guard. Working outdoors? For more traction, you can install dual front tires plus a front mud guard, and you can add an optional fully closed, heated, and air-conditioned cab.

Saving energy and protecting the environment is a priority for Maximal. Most of Maximal's forklift components are recyclable. In addition, LPG forklifts come with a special muffler made of a new sound insulation material, reducing noise levels by more than 4DB to limit noise pollution.


Every product in Maximal's line of electric forklifts is equipped with AC drive motors, pumps and steering system that provide high performance while requiring little maintenance.

With three-wheel forklifts powered by two motors, driving two drive wheels, Maximal forklifts provide superior traction to move loads safely and efficiently over slippery surfaces, such as dock plates and ramps. Steering wheel movements independently control each motor and allow one motor to reduce power during short turns to avoid accidents. Four-wheel forklifts are powered by one motor and a differential gear that distributes power between the two drive wheels, providing greater efficiency and requiring only one motor.

The electrical systems are managed by a proven and reliable ZAPI AC controller. It provides infinitely variable drive and lift control and has a regenerative braking system to store energy. The regenerative braking function is programmable for specific applications and increases the operating time between loads. This feature helps the forklift to offer excellent maneuverability for multiple applications. With the included power steering, the operator can maneuver and drive with much less effort, reducing operator stress and fatigue.