Diesel forklift maintenance

500 hours

To avoid potential problems and downtime, we recommend performing maintenance and inspection every 500 hours of operation. In addition, every diesel forklift must pass an annual emissions test to meet environmental standards.

On-the-road technicians

At your location or ours

Inspections, maintenance, and certain repairs can be performed on site by our on-the-road technicians.


We are equipped to perform all required annual emissions tests, as well as the service and maintenance of diesel forklifts.

Need parts?

For all your OEM or aftermarket parts needs, in-store pick-up or express delivery is available.

What do you your need?
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Propane tank forklifts service
Category 1
Maintenance de chariots diesels
Pour toutes les marques
Inspection and repair
Category 3
Inspection 2000 Heures
Category 2
Electric forklifts service
OEM et génériques
Parts department