Combi-ST Combilift

6600 - 8000 - 9000 lb
Fuel type
Electric - Diesel - Propane
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The Combilift ST is a standing operator multidirectional forklift. Available with diesel, LPG and electric propulsion, these trucks can operate in very narrow aisles, increasing your storage space by more than 35%.
Specifications :
Large choice of masts

Duplexes and triplexes

Adjustable carriage length
Fork positioner included as standard
Several options available

Rubber side platform guards, blue lights for pedestrian protection, etc. Available with extra wide carriage (138’’) removable with 4 forks (11’ to 20’)

Performances :
High load stability when moving

Prevents damage to raw materials as you move

Ideal for handling long oversized loads

Steel, aluminum, wood, oversized building products, etc.

Ideal for loading trailers efficiently

The forklift can move alongside the trailer

Maximize your storage space

Operate in narrow aisles with guide wheels

Multi-directional operation

Allows you to enter the doors of your warehouse in lateral movement

Monitor and camera

Installed at the height of the forks

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