Combi-SC Combilift

40000 - 220000 lb
Fuel type
Electric - Diesel
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Combilift's SC range offers a complete solution for the most extreme loads. Whether for distribution, shipping, aerospace, steel fabricators, wind turbines or precast concrete, there's no load too big or too heavy for the Combilift SC, boasting capacities greater than 200,000 lb.
Specifications :
Maximum lifting height

10 meters, 33’

Several options available

Complete closed cabin with heating and air conditioning, camera system and 360 degree monitor

Performances :
High load stability

Prevents damage to raw materials as you move

Ideal for handling long oversized loads

Steel, aluminum, wood, oversized building products, machinery, aviation

Ideal for loading flatbed trailers efficiently
Maximize your storage space
Eliminate overhead cranes
Allows you to enter the doors of your warehouse in lateral movement

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