ECB 16/18

3000 - 4000 lbs (3 or 4 wheels) @ 24’’ load center
Fuel type
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BYD forklifts are designed and manufactured completely by BYD, including battery and controller, and include a LIFETIME MAINTENANCE-FREE BATTERY with ultra-fast charging, approximately 60 minutes.
Specifications :
Iron-phosphate battery

80V, maintenance-free, eco-responsible

Ultra-fast charging

Approximately 60 minutes / per shift

Ergonomic controls

Armrest with fingertip controls

Very robust frame and large choice of masts
Premium design, main mechanical, electrical and electronic components are sealed
Several options available

Blue lights for pedestrian protection, monitor and cameras, fork positioner or other attachments

Performances :
Offers the best ROI in the industry
Designed from scratch by BYD

Forklift, battery and controllers

High performance battery and charger included with purchase
Works in all weather conditions

Maintains its performance between -40°C and 40°C

Configurable performance

According to the client's tastes

BYD warranty, the best in the industry

10 year or 20,000 hour 100% battery warranty, 3-year powertrain warranty, 1 year warranty on everything

Winner of an IFOY award

For design and performance

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