Liftstar pallet trucks for sale

Liftstar pallet trucks

Liftstar has been manufacturing material handling equipment since 1983 and their products have become the most popular in the world. Their stackers and pallet trucks are distributed and sold on every continent and have an excellent reputation for their durable construction. Available with premium features included on all models, including electric power steering, Liftstar products are equipped with new technologies including the MoonWalk feature, a function that limits the stacker's movement to only forward or backward, to assist in completing a task in a safe manner.

Established in China since 1983, Liftstar focuses on manufacturing material handling equipment for warehouses.

JB MHE CO. LTD's manufacturing facilities have nearly 35 years of experience in the development of material handling equipment, and they were the first manufacturers of material handling equipment in China. LiftStar manufactures nearly 95% of the parts used in their products in their own manufacturing facilities. Each year, they reinvest 30% of their profits in research and development and in the modernization of their facilities.

Today, Liftstar is the world's leading supplier of electric pallet trucks and stackers, and these products are now distributed and sold on all continents. Their products have gained a great reputation, both in heavy duty and light duty equipment. With a production of nearly 25,000 units per year, Liftstar maintains a sales growth of over 20% per year.

Liftstar offers a line of reliable, quality products tailored to clients' needs at very competitive prices and are recognized in the industry as a provider of unique innovations. Most of their products come with standard features such as EPS (electric power steering). To increase the level of safety, Liftstar has created turn speed control and lift speed control. In 2013, a revolutionary innovation was born: the MoonWalk, an ideal solution for narrow aisles. Once the operator activates the MoonWalk feature, the stacker will only move forward or backward. Since the operator is on the side, he can perform the necessary handling safely. To this day, this new technology is still patented.

Liftstar's line of products includes:

Ø  Electric stackers

o   CDD-090 model, single mast stacker (2,200 lbs capacity)

o   CDD-050, stacker with adjustable legs and duplex mast (2,200 lbs capacity))

o   CDD-920, stacker with platform (rider) (3,000 lbs / 4,000 lbs capacity, duplex mast)

o   CDD-35/40 model, stacker with platform (rider) (3,500 lbs / 4,000 lbs capacity, triplex mast)

Ø  "REACH" electric scissor stackers (2,600/ 3,000 lbs capacity, with choice of triplex mast)