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Aisle Master forklifts offer unparalleled gains in your storage space. With its articulated mast, clients who have chosen AM forklifts have been able to reduce their aisles to 5 feet and 6 inches in width. With the collaboration of our team and the logistics experts at Combilift, the reduction in material handling space required by Aisle Master forklifts increases storage capacity by at least 25% without the need for costly move or expansion.

The Aisle Master line is manufactured by Combilift, the recognized world leader in the design and manufacturing of safe, space-saving, and innovative handling solutions for long loads, pallets, and containers. The company has used its expertise and experience to develop the Aisle Master range of very narrow aisle (VNA) articulated forklifts to help achieve optimum storage capacity and ensure reduced operating costs. A single forklift can perform all your pallet handling operations (unloading, storing, feeding production, and loading for shipping).

The Aisle Master is the forklift of choice for companies moving into new, modern warehouses with high ceilings or for companies that want to increase their storage capacity without expanding or relocating. The Aisle Master offers a guaranteed return on investment!   

This line of articulated forklifts was developed to work in narrow aisles so, depending on your warehouse configuration, the Aisle Master offers substantial gains in storage space of approximately 25% to 30%. A Reach forklift, with a 4,000 lbs capacity, can normally be used in a 108" aisle. The Aisle Master with a 4,400 lbs capacity can be used in a 79" aisle (pallet to pallet), so the Aisle Master can reduce your aisle width by almost 29". A wide selection of masts is available, some of which can lift pallets up to 50'.

The experts at GCS Forklifts and Combilift can help you with your warehouse conversion or redesign project by providing you with a new layout plan tailored for your warehouse.

Each forklift can operate on any floor surface, indoors or outdoors. The Aisle Master is electric and offers configuration options to suit your needs (choice of masts, telescopic forks, optical reader, camera, etc.)

Ø  AM sit-down model (3,300 lbs, 4,400 lbs, or 6,600 lbs capacity), partial or closed cab.

Ø  AM-OP standing model (order picker with 4,400 or 6,600 lbs capacity).

Ø  Aisle-Master model for cold warehouses. It is a known fact that the cost of cold storage and temperature-controlled storage operations is much higher, making space saving more important than ever. This model was specifically designed for the rigorous demands of this industry. The fully closed, high-visibility cab keeps drivers warm, reducing break time and increasing productivity.

Assembled in Ireland, Aisle-Master forklifts are robust and durable and are designed to withstand heavy use both indoors and outdoors. Operational efficiency guaranteed! The Aisle Master saves you time and money by moving pallets directly from the truck to your storage location in a single operation. Aisle-Master articulated forklifts provide the quality and performance you require for all your material handling needs.